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Spicewood VFD Gets New Brush Truck!

The Spicewood Volunteer Fire Department will see the arrival on Tuesday, February 12th of the first brand new fire vehicle the department has ever had, an F550 Ford Small Brush Truck! The department received the truck through a $78,000 grant awarded to it by the Texas A&M Forest Service through its Rural Fire Defense Assistance Program The application was funded in August of 2012 for 90% of the cost of a new vehicle.

The department filed the grant request in response to the devastating effect the Labor Day Wildfires of September 2011 had on its fleet of fire vehicles. After the grant was awarded, the department’s truck committee developed specifications for a small brush truck, and ultimately awarded the bid to AG-Meir, of Belton Texas. Department members anxiously watched pictures of the truck on the AG-Meir webpage as it was assembled over the last several months.

Spicewood firefighters will participate in training in the proper operation and maintenance of the new brush truck over the next several weeks. The 300 gallon brush truck with a 100 gallon/minute pump and four water lines will then be added to the group of small brush trucks the department maintains to respond to wildfires. Hopefully, the wildfire season of 2013 will not bring the need to ply the new vehicle into service. But if wildfires come, the Spicewood Fire Department will now be better equipped than ever to fight them!


Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors to make sure that your family has the critical time needed to escape if there is a fire in your home.  Most home fires occur at night when people are sleeping. Rather than awakening you as many people believe, the smoke and toxic gases generated by a fire actually cause you to sleep more deeply.

A working smoke detector can double a person’s chances of surviving a fire by providing the extra time that is critical for safe escape. Nationally, more than 90 percent of all homes have smoke detectors, but it is estimated that one-third of those don’t work because of old or missing batteries.


Spicewood VFD/EMS Elects Officers

At their meeting on December 10, 2013 the members of the Spicewood Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services (VFD/EMS) elected new officers for the 2014 calendar year:

The department would like to thank all those who served as officers in 2013, and extend its congratulations to the new 2014 officers!

President                                             Jim Steele

1ST  V. President                                  Scott Hannusch

2nd V. President                                    OPEN

Secretary                                             Donna Wall

Treasurer                                            Tommy Brown

EMS Director                                       Patsy Lester

Assist EMS Director                             Jamie Ludwig

Fire Chief                                             Dean Lester

Assist Fire Chief                                   Billy Ludwig

Training Officer                                    Bart Steele