SVFD Destruction Derby 2014

The Spicewood Volunteer Fire Department – EMS held the 2014 Destruction Derby on September 20th. It was a GREAT SUCCESS! Lots of cars, lots of wild driving and crashes, and lots of money was raised!  Thanks to all who participated.  Pictures will be posted in the near future.

Any questions about the event, please contact:
Donna Wall -
Billy Ludwig –



2014 Destruction Derby Rules

  1. Full size cars must be American made. No Chrysler Imperials or pickup trucks or hybrids cars.
  2. Compact cars must be 105” or less – factory wheel base.
  3. It will be at the Inspectors and/or the Event Coordinator discretion as to the definition of “compact” car.
  4. Early registration will be $25.00 until the 31st of August, per driver, per event.
  5. Registration from the 1st of Sept. will be $40.00 per driver, per event.
  6. There will be no registration fee for the consolation race but must be driven by registered driver.
  7. No winning car or driver will be allowed to enter the consolation race.
  8. Must make legal hit within 2 minute time period or you will be disqualified.
  9. Driver/car check-in will be from 2:00 pm to 5:15pm. If the vehicle inspection runs longer that expected, vehicles/drivers waiting in line will be allowed to enter after the 5:15 cutoff.
  10.  Drivers meeting will be at 5:40pm. All drivers must be present. If inspection/check in, is   running late, then leave your vehicle with the inspection officer and your pit crew and report to the driver meeting.
  11.  All drivers must have a valid driver license and a waiver. (Provided by Spicewood VFD-EMS).
  12.  Drivers ages 16-17 must have a valid driver license and waiver. (Provided by Spicewood     VFD-EMS) signed by a parent or legal guardian. Parent or guardian must have a photo ID.
  13.  All pit crew members must have a signed waiver. (Provided by Spicewood VFD-EMS).
  14.  Due to safety precautions, no alcohol or drugs will be allowed in the pit area  before or during the derby. This is grounds for immediate disqualifications.
  15.  No one under the age of 13 will be allowed into the pit area.
  16.  Driver and 1 pit crew will each be issued a shirt at the time of registration. All others will be required to enter through the main gate. Additional pit pass shirts will be $10.00. NO PIT ACCESS SHIRT WILL BE SOLD TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 13 !!!!! The sharing of pit access shirts is strictly prohibited and can be grounds for immediate expulsions from the event.
  17.  Anyone found in the pit area without a proper shirt will be removed and will not be allowed entrance until a shirt is purchased.
  18. Due to safety precautions, no glass bottles will be allowed.
  19. Event coordinator will have the final determination on all scoring questions and/ or rule violations.
  20. If a car is flipped completely over, it will not be flipped back over by any personnel of the SVFD-EMS. The driver will be removed for safety purposes but the car will be left as is. No one from the pit crew will be allowed to come onto the field to right the car either.
  21. Welders may be brought in, may be used for repairs only, no modifications.
  22. If your car gets knocked out of event, stay in your car until that event is over.
  23. There will be NO modified, reinforcement or folding of the bumpers.
  24. All drivers must wear jeans or long pants.

Inspection Rules






  1. All loose items must be removed.
  2. Steering wheels must be padded in the center,
  3. Out board, gas cans, or plastic gas cans may be used. They must be mounted behind the driver’s seat, covered and strapped down
  4. Battery may be moved to the front passenger floorboard. Must be secured and covered. The use of a marine battery box is strongly recommended.
  5. Driver must have an operable seatbelt, approved helmet. Face shield or goggles are strongly recommended.
  6. Additional transmission cooler is allowed if driver is fully protected.


7.  All glass must be removed from car, including loose broken glass inside floorboards or on seat.


8.  If car has glass in it or on it at inspection time, car must be removed from SVFD property to remove glass.


ALL CARS THAT ADVANCE TO THE MAIN EVENT WILL BE REINSPECTED PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  If any improvement (not in the form of repairs) or reinforcements have been made, the vehicle will not be allowed to run. In addition, vehicles may be subject to re inspection after the main event.



  1. No more than a combination of 4 chains or bolts (3/4 bolts or smaller) on the hood.
  2. Only 1 chain is allowed on each door. Doors may be seam welded.
  3. No more than 2 chains on trunk. Trunk may be seam welded only if there is a 12” hole for inspection purposes.
  4. Due to safety precautions, a 12” hole must be cut into the hood of the car. This allows fire department access in case of engine fire.
  5. Original gas tank must be removed or bottom cut out. If the vehicle is equipped with an electrical fuel pump “in the tank” then the tank may be left in place or mounted behind the driver seat, covered and strapped down.
  6. No spray foam of any kind in/ on/ or around the frame or suspension.
  7. No trailer hitches or reinforcing of any kind.
  8. Only the driver door may be reinforced. A ½” plate on the driver door is optional, but must be welded or bolted.
  9. No bumpers greater than 21” off the ground will be allowed, front or back. From the bottom edge of the bumper.
  10.  All cars must have factory bumpers, no exposed frame ends will be allowed.No reinforcement, modification, or folding of the bumpers.
  11.  For scoring purposes, numbers must be clearly seen from approximately 100’ away. Numbering on vehicle roof and passenger side door must be legible at 12” or higher.
  12.  There must be and “X” on the driver’s side door no less than 18” in size.
  13.  Street tires only. No mud gripes or off road tires allowed.
  14.  No intentional hammering down or roofs or reinforcing of hammered down roofs.
  15.  No Roll Cages, only D/S may be reinforced.



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